* The QCEC (2023) Hi-Tea

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private)

Throwback to an exquisite afternoon where intellect met elegance at the Hi-Tea with Malaysian Gold Finalists for The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition (2023)!

Cheong Ning Xin, representing Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private), illuminated the gathering with literary prowess alongside other gifted minds at Balai Tunku Abdul Rahman Commonwealth House on Jan 31, 2024.

Gratitude fills the air as we extend our heartfelt thanks to The Royal Commonwealth Society of Malaysia for orchestrating such a grand event, where Cheong Ning Xin and her peers were celebrated in a manner befitting their remarkable achievements. In a setting reminiscent of royalty, where teacups clinked and ideas flowed, our very own Wesleyan, Cheong Ning Xin, shone brightly, a beacon of inspiration for aspiring writers in our school and everywhere.

Here’s to the power of words and the art of storytelling, immortalized in an afternoon of splendor and literary excellence!

Wesley, Wesley, you can do it!