* Study Abroad Education Talk

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur

The SUN ASA Study Abroad Education Talk

The SUN ASA Study Abroad Education Talk was conducted on the 6th of May, 2024, specifically targeting the Year 10 students of WMSKLI & the Form 4 students of the science stream, Class 4 Peter. The purpose of this event was to introduce SUN ASA and provide detailed information about the various services they offer to assist students in pursuing education overseas. Two of four staff members from SUN ASA were present to deliver the talk. The event saw participation from 23 KLI & 21 KLP students who attended during their lunch break, demonstrating their interest and eagerness to learn about study abroad opportunities. The staff provided detailed information about the services offered by SUN ASA, such as application assistance, scholarship guidance and support throughout the study abroad process.

The talk emphasized the academic, personal, and professional benefits of international education. The SUN ASA Study Abroad Education Talk successfully achieved its goal of raising awareness about the various pathways to education overseas and encouraging students to consider and explore these opportunities for their future academic and professional growth.