Frequently Asked Questions (WMSKL Private)


1. Is Cambridge English offered as part of the KSSM curriculum?
No, however, as per MOE directive, the English text and workbooks (Pulse 2) are published by MacMillan, a well-known British publisher and this is in line with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standard. However, Cambridge English may be incorporated into the subject as an enrichment programme.
2. Is Singapore Mathematics offered as part of the KSSM curriculum?
No, it is not. The local KSSM curriculum has been revised and upgraded.
3. How many students per class?
30 students in a class.
4. We want to visit the school and view the facilities.
Sure, please make an appointment with us: 016-2642354 (Ms. Tiang) OR 011-12362265 (Mr. Yonce).
5. Is my child going to the same campus and using the same facilities as the students taking the IGCSE programme?
Yes, however, private school has been allocated specific classroom for their use.
6. Is there an entrance exam and if there is, what does the exam cover?
There is an entrance exam and it covers Mathematics, English and Bahasa Melayu.
7. Are your IGCSE teachers also teaching the KSSM students?
No. We will have a separate academic faculty.
8. What are the school hours?
Mondays to Fridays – 7.30am to 3.30pm
Tuesday: Sports & Games – 3.30pm to 4.30pm
Thursday: Girls’ Brigade – 3.30pm to 5.00pm (combined with WMSKLI)
Saturday: Boys’ Brigade – 8am to 1pm (combined with WMSKLI)
9. Is there a school field?
We have a basketball court and three badminton courts (indoor). We may also be sharing the Methodist Boys’ School field.
10. What are the external exams that they will be taking?

Knowledge/skills tested: Computer Skills (now Digital Technologies), English, Mathematics, Science, and Writing.

Developer/administrator: UNSW Global, Educational Assessment Australia (Please check price with admissions).

IGCSE Mandarin Chinese & IGCSE English First Language (Take in Form 4 only) – for students NOT taking Bahasa Ibunda.

11. What type of CCA activities will be offered at the WMSKLP school?
MOE requirement is that all students are to participate in 3 different CCA activities namely games/sports, clubs & society and uniform body.
12. Any recommended transporter?
Please check the ‘’Resources’’ section on our website.
13. My child is very weak in BM. If the child passes English and Mathematics but fails BM, will WMSKL consider the child for Form 1?
Students will be given a conditional offer whereby parents are required to engage in supplementary tuition for their child to acquire minimal standards set by the school.
14. Is there a discount given to younger siblings in WMSKL when the oldest child is in WMSKLI?
No discount as of now.
15. Are the school fees the same for Form 1 to 3, whereas Form 4 & 5 are another group of school fees?
Yes, the correct label is Lower Secondary (Form 1 to 3) and Upper Secondary (Form 4 and 5).
16. Will the school fees increase every 3 years?
The school follows strict guidelines by the Ministry of Education.