* PEA Part 6 - Community Service

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private)

Post Exam Activities 6 – Community Service

6th February 2024, Kuala Lumpur – In a heartwarming display of compassion and camaraderie, Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private) opened its doors to the children of Rumah Titian Kaseh for a day filled with joy, learning, and laughter. With a mission to spread happiness and make a positive impact in the community, the school eagerly embraced the opportunity to host the orphanage’s 20 children for their annual year community service initiative.

The day kicked off with a burst of creativity as students and teachers joined hands to organize a series of engaging activities for their young guests. One of the highlights was the inter-house fashion competition, where the four sports houses Red Eagles, Yellow Bears, Green Stags, and Blue Lions adorned the children in vibrant outfits crafted from the collected used clothes.

As the day unfolded, members of various clubs and societies at Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private) took the reins, showcasing their talents and passions while imparting valuable lessons to their visitors. The Creative Arts Club led exhilarating dance and paper pulp painting sessions, igniting the room with infectious energy and rhythm while creating colorful masterpieces.

Not to be outdone, the Athletic Club orchestrated a thrilling relay obstacle course, challenging the children to test their agility, speed, and teamwork. Simultaneously, the Chess Club delved into the realm of strategy and intellect, introducing the youngsters to the intricacies of the ancient game. Laughter echoed through the air as participants cheered each other on, fostering bonds that transcended barriers of age and background.

All in all, this event soared triumphantly thanks to our dedicated teachers and students for their hard work in organizing this incredible experience that brought us all a little closer together!

Here are some photos taken throughout the day: