* International Relationship Week 2024

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International)

On the 22nd of March 2024, from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the Wesley Hall, the LEO Club of Wesley Methodist School hosted the final event of our Club’s Annual International Relationship Week for 2024 – the International Relationship Day itself. The theme of this year’s event, ‘Connection Found’, focuses on the importance of investing time and effort into our relationships, despite life’s challenges and busyness, to truly understand ourselves. The objective of the event was to strengthen the friendships between the LEO members of our school and those from other schools attending the event. Additionally, it aimed to educate the audience and raise awareness about the importance of self-understanding. The event was led by the Organizing Chairperson, LEO Shobita Siva Balan, with assistance from the Assistant Organizing Chairpersons, LEO Marcus Khoo Kai Xiang and LEO Kwok Zen, along with committee members LEO Carys Teoh Lu Earn, LEO Gwendolynn Lim Hsien Yen, and LEO Charles Fong Jia Xin. 


The event commenced with the introduction of the emcees, who warmly greeted the audience. Following this, the national anthem was sung, and the meeting was called to order by the representative of the Lions Club of Ampang, Membership Chairperson Lion Tan Poh Ling.  


Then, the principal of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International), who was also celebrating his birthday on that day, delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing pride in the LEO Club. Following this, Lion Tan Poh Ling, Membership Chairperson of the Lions Club of Ampang, addressed the audience, reminding everyone of the importance of unity. She also expressed her deepest gratitude to everyone who made this event come to life. 


After all the formalities were completed, the show commenced with the main characters, Phil and Claire, and their children, Nate and Maya, appearing at a family dinner. However, it was one they would rather forget, as Nate, furious with his parents for hiding so many things from them, finally lost it and left the family along with Maya. 


The tension continued to build up as the show cut to Phil and Claire aboard an airplane, heading for a much-needed vacation and rest after all the drama. However, their attempt to reflect on what went wrong with their relationship with their children is interrupted by the blaring red lights of the aircraft as turbulence hits, signaling imminent danger. The plane would never emerge from this fatal descent. 


Nate and Maya were then informed about the tragic death of their parents. In response, they decide to return to their late parents’ house one last time to help clean it up. As they work, they stumble upon some cassette tapes dating back to Phil and Claire’s high school days. Curious, they decide to play them on a tape player. The tapes take them on a journey through their parents’ past, starting with their first high school dance, attended by Phil, Claire, and their classmates, dancing to the song ‘Shut Up and Dance with Me’. However, Phil’s dreams lead him to depart for the UK to pursue his education at Cambridge University. 



After a short lapse, the audience was then reintroduced to a now much more mature but stressed Phil, preparing for a test. Their lingering question of how Phil’s departure would test their relationship would soon be answered, as Phil, annoyed and irritated, hung up on a concerned phone call from Claire. Nate and Maya, stunned, immediately stopped the tape, wondering what it could have meant for their parents. The second dance of the evening, set to the song ‘As It Was,’ delighted the crowd and encapsulated the emotions they all felt. 


Just as the audience was left wondering how Phil and Claire’s relationship would continue from there, a short intermission took place to give them time to process what they had seen, as well as to purchase and enjoy some good old childhood snacks that our Club had prepared. 


After the intermission ended, the audience was re-immersed into the drama with Phil’s return from the UK. What looked to be a rather uneventful dinner at a restaurant that he had frequented often beforehand, suddenly turned into a chance encounter with Claire! Seizing the opportunity to see each other again after so long, they finally decided to give themselves a second chance and reunite. 


This round, there would be no hiccups anymore. They would soon get married, and in the celebratory atmosphere, six of our talented LEOs took to the stage to perform the third dance of the night, to the song ‘Paper Rings’. Like the two dances before, it was received with thunderous applause. 


The tape then suddenly jumped to the final video their parents recorded at their home, where they had also reminisced about the good times they had spent with some of their children. Following this touching moment, the last group of performers for the evening took to the stage to present their slow but moving tango to the song ‘City of Stars’. 


Nate and Maya, having finally understood their parents after so many years, both together and separate from them, take the opportunity to revisit their parents’ graves. There, a regretful Nate apologizes for having led Maya to leave their parents. Promising to never let the same happen to both of them, they agree to organize a family reunion after years of not having had one. After coming full circle, the drama finally comes to a close as the talented LEOs, who had performed their hearts out earlier, take to the stage one last time for a spectacular finale. 


A lovely credit video prepared by LEO Charles Fong and the IR Committee marked the end of the show. Following this, LEO Shobita Siva Balan, the International Relationship Director, delivered a heartfelt speech expressing her deepest gratitude to everyone, especially her close friends and committee members, for making the event possible. After her speech, President LEO Ethan Foo Sheng Zhi delivered a lovely address, thanking the Faculty Advisors, LEOs, and Committee Members for their efforts in organizing the event and expressing gratitude to the students who attended to support the club. Tokens of appreciation were then presented to all the guests present, and the event was adjourned. Guests were invited to enjoy refreshments, order merchandise, and take photos at the photo booth to capture lasting memories. 


Overall, the event was a successful one and managed to educate the audience and raise awareness on the importance of understanding themselves. A huge thank you to those who attended IR Day!