* Establishing Boundaries

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur

WMSKL Partners with Focus on Family Malaysia f0r “Establishing Boundaries” Educational Program

Kuala Lumpur, March 13, 2024 – In an effort to promote the importance of personal boundaries among students, Wesley Methodist School KL, in collaboration with Focus on Family Malaysia, hosted an educational program on March 13th. The session, which engaged a total of 556 Year 7 & 8 and Form 1 students, aimed to raise awareness and provide essential skills for establishing and maintaining boundaries in both face-to-face and online interactions.

The session commenced with an interactive activity to engage the students, followed by discussions on physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and ethical boundaries. Special attention was given to the importance of online interactions and the need for caution on social media platforms.

Students were taught to maintain these boundaries to foster healthy relationships based on mutual respect, enhance communication skills, understand personal limits, prioritize personal safety, and promote overall well-being.

Through this educational program, students gained crucial knowledge and skills necessary to uphold personal boundaries. The initiative successfully raised awareness of personal limits and safety while fostering healthy relationships and effective communication among the students.

This program reflects WMSKL’s commitment to the holistic development of its students, preparing them to navigate the complexities of interpersonal and digital interactions with confidence and respect.

Photos from the educational event: