* Easter Celebration Service 2023

Welsey Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International) & Welsey Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private)


Please Click here to view: WMSKL(I) Easter Celebration Service 2022 Booklet


Our Easter Celebration Service was held 13 April 2023. And what a celebration it was! From our welcome of our important guests by our Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade Guard of Honour, we were treated with an acting, dancing and hand tutting performances by our Christian Fellowship and Christian Union clubs that weaved a narrative of our God as our good ruler and creator, humanity’s rebellion against Him and finally Jesus’ defeat over Death in His resurrection. Pastor Reuben Gen, our speaker, then brought our narrative to a climax with a choice posed. After this, we had more performances celebrating Easter in the form of tambourine and sign language from the Girls Brigade and a meaningful hymn from our Choir and Ensemble. We finished our splendid Easter Celebration Service with Worship and Praise lead by our students.