Frequently Asked Questions (WMSKL International)


1. How does my child apply for admission?
Please refer to the Application procedure on our Website (Admission > Application Procedure > Expression of Interest) and the Admission Info Pack will be emailed to you.
2. Is there an entrance exam and if there is what does the exam cover?
Scheduled Entrance Assessment (EA) sessions for Year 7 August 2024 intake will be held monthly from January 2024 onward. It will cover English Essay writting and a Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4).
3. When will the results of the EAT be released?
Within 3 weeks after the EA held in Feb/March.
4. Will my child be required to attend an interview as well?
Currently, No interviews are being conducted.
5. Are there any scholarships offered?
At the moment we do not offer any scholarships.
6. What ages do WMSKL(I) cater for?
WMSKL (International) offers Secondary Education from Year 7 to Year 11 following full IGCSE (British) Syllabus. Minimum age to enter Year 7 is 12.
7. Can applicants commence school at mid-term or at second term?
Subjected to availability of space.
8. How many classes are there each Year?
There are usually 7 classes for each Year. There is one Year group with 8 classes.
9. Does the School provide transportation for its students?
We have a school transporters list that parents can contact to arrange for transportation. Please refer to the transporter list . We are just publicising the transportation and this must not be construed as we are responsible for the safety or reliability of the transporters. Parents are to check them out yourself.
10. May we have a school tour?
A school visit can be arranged by appointment.
11. Are the fees refundable once a student is registered?
The Security Deposit and all fees paid upon confirmation of enrolment shall not be refunded or shall not be transferable, if after being confirmed a place, the student does not attend school thereafter or provide sufficient notice of withdrawal.
12. Will the fees increase?
All fees are subjected to change within the regulatory limits.
13. What are the type of fees payable?
Please refer to the Fees Schedule applicable to Lower or Upper Secondary and enrolment year on our Website. This is for standard fees chargeable and not inclusive of books, uniform, co-curricular activities, excursions, assessment and external examination fees.
14. Is there a sibling discount?
There is no sibling discount at the moment.
15. When are the fees payable?
New students ~ once Letter of Offer is given, parents will be provided a due date to make full payment of 1st term fees.Continuing students ~ As indicated on the Invoice. For the September Academic Calendar, the fees are due on 1st August for Term 1 and 1st April for Term 2 .
16. How can the fees be paid?
Via cheque / bank draft / online transfer / JomPAY
17. How qualified are your teachers in teaching the IGCSE subjects?
All our teachers are trained on a regular basis in the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. We would expect all new teachers to have teaching credentials; in the event they do not have, they will be given a time frame to obtain one.
18. Are there sufficient security measures in place in your School?
Yes there are sufficient. We have enough guards at the front and back gates; in addition one of our staff will be at the LRT station in the mornings and afternoons to ensure that the students safely get on and off the station. There are also close circuit cameras all over the school. Security procedures are also in place.
19. Does the School provide learning support if my child is having difficulties in keeping up with the lessons?
Yes, the teachers are all trained in giving learning support whenever it is required.