Our licensed counsellors from our counselling section perform both individual and group counselling sessions during school breaks (Recess/ Lunch).
Sessions commonly focus on topics such as managing stress, anxiety and other emotions, exploring their own potential and capabilities, managing relationships, and essentially everything related to teenage life and its own challenges. Utilizing programs such as No Apologies and Snapp, counsellors equip students with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions.

To ensure our Wesleyans have a clear mindset of their future and are able to make informed decisions for themselves, our counsellors’ second major initiative focuses on career guidance. This service is provided through one-on-one conversations, group discussions, career talks and education fairs and study tours conducted in universities in Malaysia and also overseas.

Counsellors also mentor a special group of leaders known as Board of Peer Mentors. These students learn how to be a support to their school community. Currently, students are learning to explore their potential and be a positive influence in the lives of their schoolmates. As they learn life skills, we anticipate their ability to help those around them learn the same because students are more open to learning from each other.