* BB Activity: Building Bonds through Paintbrush

WMSKL - Boys' Brigade

Building Bonds through Paintbrush: Painting Event at Rumah Mega Kanak-Kanak Orang Asli Center

Methodist Crisis Relief & Development (MCRD) organized a special painting activity on 27th May 2023 to refurbish Rumah Mega Kanak-Kanak Orang Asli Center. Ten enthusiastic students from Boys’ Brigade WMSKL volunteered for this meaningful event. Despite it being their first experience, they received guidance from the talented orang asli children as they painted together. In the end, our efforts achieved more than just giving the center a fresh look; we were delighted to witness the blossoming of a special bond between the students and children. We believe this event left a lasting impression, creating cherished memories for everyone involved.

Rumah Mega Kanak-Kanak Orang Asli is a non-profit organization established in 2017 with a mission to support and empower children from the Orang Asli community through holistic education and character building.