* Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition 2023

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private)

Join us in applauding the extraordinary accomplishments of our talented students at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, a globally renowned platform where young minds from 60 countries showcase their brilliance. This year, the competition reached new heights with an unprecedented 34,924 entries, making it a true testament to the caliber of young intellects worldwide.

πŸ†πŸŒŽ Out of the 107 participants from our school, an astounding 51 have emerged as recipients! 🌟 We are bursting with pride as our students shine among the brightest in this prestigious international arena. Their dedication, creativity, and eloquence have truly set them apart, showcasing the immense potential and talent that our school cultivates.

Let’s celebrate the joy and happiness that these young minds bring to our school community!
Their success not only reflects their individual brilliance but also highlights the commitment of our school to nurture and empower the next generation of global leaders.

Bronze Award

Tan Mei Yee, Elyce Eng Wei Ning, Jeremy Ung Li Han, Hon Janwon, Ang Giselle, Quah Zhi Hao, Lee Xiu Xun, Rachel Tay Shu Yin, Rachel Ooi Wei Nee, Isabelle Pachek Fernandez, Adam Mah Ting Sheng, Chloe Lim Xin Yu, Zachary Tan Zer Ee, Adrian Low Han Lim, Julia Serah Jeremiah, Shayn Ooi Zhao Rong, Kieron Lim Samson, Dhanesh Roshan, Lim Winnie, Crystal Tea Zhi En, Loh Yihern, Lim Yi En, Goh Ke Lyn, Eng Song Teng, Mugilsri Gokilan

Silver Award

Teoh Qing Xuen, Khoo Kay Yin, Maeve Michelle Krishnan, Ang Zi Qian, Valerie Soon Rui Rui, Amanda Low Shin Yi, How Cheng Fai, Niilaxshita Kumar, Yia Rui, Brandon Ong Qi Jun, Lee Kai Xuan, Gavriel Chong Shen Huey, Wong Bo Den, Lexman Tan Yong Jian, Robbie Lee Yan Kang

Gold Award

Chan Zheng Hao, Hannah Pachek Fernandez, Hannah Preesha Nathan, Hazel Cheah Wenqi, Chong Zi Qi, Oscar Hee Cheok Fung, Ethan Chan Yong Han

In the spotlight of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2023, we’re thrilled to honor one of our exceptional students, Cheong Ning Xin from Form 1 Exodus, for her outstanding achievement!
πŸ₯‡ Despite narrowly missing the top spot, Ning Xin has earned the prestigious Gold Finalist Award – a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication. Her work stood out remarkably, earning commendation that propelled her piece to the Final Judging Panel for consideration in the Junior or Senior Winner, or Runner-up categories.

Congratulations,Β WINNERS!