* No Apologies Workshop 2023

(29-20 March 2023) No Apologies Workshop for Year 8 & Form 2 students, by Focus On The Family, Malaysia.

In Wesley, we educate students on the sanctity of sex via a special program which we organize every year.


No Apologies® is a character-based sexuality curriculum that empowers young people to make wise choices regarding high-risk behaviour, including sexual involvement outside marriage.


Students learn about (1) One’s worth and the importance of good character for healthy relationships, (2) Understand the media’s influence on our values and learn to exercise media discernment, (3) Understand the importance of setting healthy boundaries in relationships, (4) Understand the dynamics of relationships with the opposite sex, and (5) See that keeping sex within the boundaries of marriage is the safest, healthiest, and wisest choice.


A big “thank you” to Ms Dorothy Tan and her team for making this program impactful to the lives of our students.