* PEA Part 2 - CCL

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (Private)

Post Exam Activity 2 – Cross-Curricular Learning (CCL)

Friday, 2nd February 2024 –

The recent Cross-Curricular Learning (CCL) event held at our school was a remarkable journey that epitomised the essence of interdisciplinary education. It brought together Wesleyans from various academic backgrounds with the aim of fostering collaboration and holistic learning experiences across different subjects. 

For Form 1, the topic focused on natural disasters and vulnerable victims in Malaysia, exploring how agencies collaborate with the government to take action and provide support to the victims. For Form 2, the “Nourishing Futures” aimed at addressing nutrition-related illnesses and malnutrition challenges among adolescents in Southeast Asia. For Form 3, the topic centred on “Balancing the Scales: Adapting to Artificial Intelligence-Driven Employment Shifts,” where they investigated the impact of Artificial Intelligence on employment across various industries and sectors, such as education. 

Wesleyans in respective sports houses conducted research and gathered materials over the span of two weeks, presenting their findings on the final day of the second week. Form 1s presented their findings through comic strips and news reports, while Form 2s presented theirs through a Model United Nations (MUN) Mock Forum Session. Lastly, Form 3s presented their findings through academic presentations, demonstrating the use of AI tools. 

In summary, this event served as a transformative experience, expanding Wesleyans’ horizons and enhancing their understanding of interdisciplinary education. Through the exploration of connections between subjects, practical application of knowledge in real-life scenarios, and collaboration with peers, they acquired invaluable insights and skills that will significantly influence their academic and personal development journey. 

Check out the photos below of the highlights: